Balancing meetings, class assignments, school events and chapter commitments is never an easy task. Since it’s a new year, it’s time to make a resolution to get organized and learn to love your planner in 2017!


Find The Style That Works for You

Planners are printed in monthly, weekly and daily layouts or some combination of the three. Take time to look through the styles and find one that fits your needs. Daily planners allow you to keep track of your immediate schedule, but don’t provide a long-term perspective. Monthly planners allow you to look ahead and plan but leave you with limited space to write in your daily agenda. There are lots of options, but here are some fan favorites:

Erin Condren LifePlanner

Passion Planner


Plum Paper

Sugar Paper by Target


Bullet Journaling

If you can’t find a planner format that works for you, starting a bullet journal might be your answer. The bullet journal trend has taken over Pinterest for its organized and beautifully crafted aesthetic. Bullet journaling is a commitment, but it allows you to get all your thoughts onto paper and be more productive. It can serve as a diary, planner and to-do list all in one.

Start your bullet journal by grabbing any basic notebook and create an index. Use those colored pens to your heart’s content and create a key or collection of symbols for things that commonly occur. For example, each class gets a star or triangle. Establish a key that’s specific to you or follow the keys known throughout the “bullet journaling” community. Designate specific parts of your new journal for “brain dumps,” lists and last minute notes. Write down anything that comes to mind! Also take your syllabi and write in tentative dates and changes made by a professor. This video will help you through the basic set-up of a bullet journal. Once you’re comfortable watch this video to see how you can personalize it!


Incorporate What Works for You

Today planners are used for so much more than your daily schedule. Consider using your planner or journal to set goals, make shopping lists, develop a list of contacts outside of your phone, or plan outfits and meals. The Lazy Genius Collective details aspects of a journal and helps you pick what to incorporate that best fits your lifestyle.


It Only Takes a Few Days to Build a Healthy Habit

Take a few minutes at the beginning and end of every day to add to your journal. Carry it with you in your bag for any last minute notes. Personalize it and make it something you enjoy. Keep it simple or go all-in with decorative tape and sharpies.


This year and this planner is all about YOU!


By Courtney Boone (George Mason)

Courtney is a junior at George Mason University and a member of the Epsilon Pi chapter. She recently transferred from community college with an associate’s degree in teaching. She is currently studying educational psychology with a dual-minor in criminology and legal studies. One day, she hopes to become either a school psychologist or an attorney. Courtney also works as a staff writer for Her Campus GMU and represents her chapter of Gamma Phi on the Junior Panhellenic council.