Looking to gain some momentum heading into the New Year? A new app called Unstuck aims to help you when you are lacking motivation, procrastinating, unable to decide or eight other ways we get stuck in a rut. The app helps diagnose your “symptoms” and then “prescribes” tips and tricks for helping you move forward, find your motivation and feel good about yourself.

The apps interactive interface can help you get unstuck in your personal life, professional or both. You can also ask the app to help you with individual situations, a partner project or a group scenario which makes it perfect for helping with school, work or chapter business.

The app customizes its advice for getting unstuck by asking you to complete a series of tasks that identifies your thoughts and feelings about your situation. The end result is a report that labels the way you are stuck (you might be a Deflated Doer, Fuzzy Forecaster, Waffler, Perplexed Planner, etc.). Then, so that you don’t feel alone, the app shares the profiles of three successful folks and how they were able to get unstuck. Finally, and perhaps the most useful aspect of the app, is that it provides tangible tips and tricks customized to your type of “stuck.”

Here’s a piece of advice to an Idle Achiever (someone who is stalled by the details):


Everyone has unfinished business, but those who tend to get stuck as Idle Achievers probably have more than most. That's why we like to practice powering through our postponements. The more we do it, the easier it becomes. To get started, come up with five things you've left undone. Once you have your list, pick one item and complete it. Then celebrate how good you feel. If you want, try it again with the next item on your list.

As a leader getting feeling stuck or unsure of your next move can be defeating. This app is a great way to help you take the first step in the projects and goals that are most important to you or your chapter.

Unstuck is available for the web and the Ipad by clicking here