Millions of people will be giving thanks this week with family and friends. While the holiday is a special time, for leaders saying thank you is important all year long. As a leader showing your gratitude inspires your members to reach higher levels of engagement and productivity. There are additional benefits for you as well. Studies have found that showing gratitude can improve your mood and well-being. Here is a list of ways to show gratitude every day of the year.

Write a thank you note. Thank you notes are a lot like denim jeans. Everyone can wear them and they never go out of style. A thank you note is always appropriate and never goes unnoticed.

Get creative. Pinterest has hundreds of great ideas for saying thank you. We love this delicious idea!

Help out. Offer to assist your members with a task or job. Whether it’s crafting for Bid Day or helping study for an exam lightening their load is a great way to show your gratitude.

Share it, tweet it, shout it. Share your gratitude for your member’s efforts on social media or during your next chapter meeting.

End meetings on time. Recognizing that your members have busy lives and honoring their time is a simple way to show your appreciation.

Have some fun. Encourage your members to take a break. Host a fun social event like a movie night, serve an afternoon treat or have an impromptu dance party.

Look for more ideas for showing gratitude and recognition at the REAL Leadership Conferences in 2017!