Next week college students across the United States and Canada are going to be celebrating Halloween and incorporating the holiday spirit into chapter and campus activities. We encourage all of our chapters to remind their members to get REAL this Halloween. Placing an emphasis on being responsible, ethical, authentic and life-long members ensures the safety of your friends, sisters, campus and Gamma Phi Beta.


  • Properly register any chapter event.
  • Secure a safe and sober ride home before heading out to celebrate.
  • Make sure your cell phone has a full charge.
  • Avoid costumes with props that could be viewed as a weapon or hazard.


  • Before you go out ask yourself the following questions:
    • Does my costume make fun or misrepresent other cultures or groups?
    • Could my costume offend someone?
  • If you answered yes to either question, change your costume. Halloween should be a fun celebration for everyone.


  • Wear a costume that makes you feel good and you are comfortable wearing.
  • Choose a costume that represents your own culture and gender not someone else’s.


  • Don’t let one night out define you.
  • Remember photos, videos, comments and likes can never be deleted.  

Have fun, be safe and have a happy Halloween! 


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This post is part of the REAL Wellness series.