By Mary Kapsch (Northern Iowa)

As campuses across the nation participate in National Hazing Prevention Week, there’s no better time than now to sit back and reflect on how to build a stronger sisterhood in the best ways possible. Hazing is often seen as a way to build team spirit, community or sisterhood, but the reality is that it never actually accomplishes these things. There are plenty of ways to form healthy relationships in your chapter to help build a strong sisterhood.


Set up a date.

Set up a date with a sister that you have not gotten to know yet. Whether it’s meeting for lunch in between classes, grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning or sharing an ice cream cone, even the littlest things mean the most. Who knows, this could be the unexpected “date” that may grow into a lifelong friendship.

Step out of your comfort zone.

You get out of it what you choose to put in. Attend the chapter events that aren’t mandatory and ask a sister to join you. These events will be a reminder of why you are a member of this Sorority and will allow you to bond with members.

Share your good.

Share your positive sisterhood experiences on social media.  Your single post can make a difference in the life of another. Share that picture of the surprise coffee your sister brought you or snap a photo with a role model you look up to in your chapter. Posting pictures from your sisterhoods, events with other chapters on campus or simply an appreciation post dedicated to your chapter, shows how strong and genuine your sisterhood truly is. Social media is huge this day and age, and the exposure that a single post receives is infinite. Let your love for Gamma Phi Beta shine through!

Hold each other accountable.

Being a part of a sisterhood is something you can’t explain. You are the piece that ties it together. With one poor decision, your sisterhood can break. Through leading by example, you are serving as a role model to those that surround you. If you see another member falling behind in school, ask if you can study with her. If you see potential in a member that might be holding back, encourage her to run for a leadership position. If you see a sister that needs a little guidance or advice, serve as a shoulder for her to cry on or a big warm hug.

There are many opportunities, big and small, for you to build sisterhood. Take advantage of these! Your positive interactions and attitudes can make a huge difference in the world.







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