April is Advisor and Volunteer Appreciation Month! Chapter advisors and volunteer leaders have a huge impact at our chapters and on the lives of thousands of members across North America. This month let’s celebrate those women who make a difference! Here is list of ways you can thank the special volunteers in your life.

Share their story. You can recognize a volunteer by sharing how she has inspired you by clicking here. Your story might appear on Gamma Phi Beta’s official social media platforms!

Create a scrapbook. This is a great activity to get your whole chapter involved. You can include quotes, memories or other special memorabilia. When saying thanks, sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Give them the gift of personal time. Many volunteers also have families, jobs, schoolwork or other commitments outside of Gamma Phi Beta. With these busy schedules one of the most thoughtful gifts you can provide a volunteer is some time for self-care. Think about offering her a night of babysitting or to run errands for her while she gets some time to relax!

Feature them on social media. Give her a shout-out on your social media pages or write a blog post about her contributions.

Give back. Find out more about her favorite charity and set up a day for your chapter to put in their own volunteer hours with the organization or make a donation in her name.

Don’t forget that April isn’t the only time we can show our appreciation. Throughout the year you can recognize birthdays, check in when someone is ill, celebrate personal and professional achievements, and of course a handwritten thank you note still goes a long way.