Every year there are social and cultural trends that shape the way we think about leadership. With the increased technology use in our lives the idea of “being present” has become more popular over time. As leaders it can be easy to check boxes, be distracted by a crisis, worry over the details of every event and forget to really “be” with our members.  When you consciously make an effort to be with your sisters you will find that they will have more confidence in you, decision-making will become easier and you will gain the ability to not only see the bigger question but to also find the answer. 

So how can you remain present in the moment as a leader? Here are a few simple things you can do to reconnect and be a present leader.

Spend one-on-one time with your members. Don’t wait for big events or meetings to get to know your members. Instead, reach out and carve some time to meet with a different sister every week. It doesn’t matter what you do but sharing individual time with your members will connect you on a much deeper level.

Celebrate. Most leaders feel that they don’t have time to enjoy their own accomplishments or the accomplishments of others. However, this is a great time to show your sisters that you are present. Remembering birthdays, celebrating promotions and acknowledging milestones can go a long way.

Move. Adding exercise or routine movement to your day can make being present easier. Science has found that exercise helps us focus and improves our mental capacity. Who knew going for a jog could allow us to be a better leader?

Do nothing. That’s right, do nothing. It doesn’t have to be for long. Just five minutes of doing nothing can tune you into what is really happening around you. To sum it up, there is a quote that reads, “Most leaders are so busy doing stuff that they can’t see what needs to be done.”