Want to make 2016 the year of getting things done? We do too! Here is a list of productivity hacks that are sure to make you feel like a boss.

  1. Get in the zone. Your earbuds have magical powers, but only if you use them the right way. Save Justin Bieber for the car and check out Deep Focus on Spotify or Noisli instead. Noisli allows you to mix sounds – everything from coffee shop noise to thunderstorms – to create your ideal work environment.
  2. Follow the two-minute rule. David Allen, author of “Getting Things Done,” says if you can get an action done in two minutes you should do it right then. By waiting, it will actually take you longer to complete the task. Not only will this practice help you get more done by getting little things out of the way faster, it will also make you a better decision-maker.
  3. Keep one day meeting-free. If you can keep one day every week free of meetings, coffee dates or other commitments, you will buy yourself a day of productivity. Without planned interruptions you are more likely to work continuously throughout the day and stay focused on the tasks at hand.
  4. Organize your desktop. Can’t find the file you were working on last week or that important email you needed to reference? Spending a few minutes to organize your digital files into a user-friendly system will save you time and frustration.
  5. Focus on five things. Keep your to-do list to only five tasks. You can always add another as you cross one off but a lengthy to-do list can be overwhelming and lead to procrastination.
  6. Always carry reading material. Rather than playing 2408 on your phone, pick up a book anytime you have a few extra minutes to spare. Always keeping a book with you lets you squeeze in a few pages between appointments or during a commute. Research says reading is one of the best ways to reduce stress, which is helpful to boosting productivity.