We have featured the best apps for leaders on REAL Leadership Online before, but the wonderful thing about technology is that it is always changing. This means there is always something new to try and another chance to find an app that makes your life as a leader a bit more manageable. Here are the latest and greatest recommendations:

What leader couldn’t benefit from a few deep breaths? Calm is an app that helps you discover meditation in a convenient way. The app offers guided meditations designed to relax, alleviate anxiety or help you sleep. Need to relax at your desk? You can also access a short meditation on your computer at Calm.com.

The idea behind 30/30 isn’t new, but having an app to help you stick to the program is! The app forces you to focus on one task for just 30 minutes. Once the time is up you spend 30 minutes taking a break. The app allows you to change those time frames but the important part is that the time constraint motivates you to get work done and the breaks act as a reward.

This app was designed by students for students with the idea that they can challenge themselves to practice kindness, respect, honesty and other important leadership traits. Activities on the app help you to build effective habits, daily quotes inspire and users keep each other accountable. The app is built around 180 days of character dares that will help make yourself and those around you better.

We know email as a leader can be a never-ending task. CloudMagic sets out to make email more manageable. This app syncs together all of your email accounts into one place, puts them into an easy to read format and has a search option that will make finding any old correspondence a breeze.

My Study Life
As a sorority leader it is important to keep your school life as organized as your leadership life. This app makes keeping track of classes, studying and tests easy and efficient. You can color code your classes and set up notifications to remind you about exams and quizzes.