REAL Leadership Online turns one next month! For the past year REAL Leadership Online has been sharing weekly blog posts, housing free online personality assessments, suggesting monthly book selections, providing inspiring videos online and offering links to great articles about women and leadership. REAL Leadership Online is a resource for members at all stages of leadership. Here are a few suggestions to get the most of this online resource.

  1. Watch the Video of the Month with your collegiate or alumnae chapter, executive council, regional team or loyalty circle. After you have watched the video pair up and share the following questions:
    • How does this video relate to what we are doing right now?
    • What was your biggest takeaway?
  2. Focus on team-building with a personality assessment. Large or small groups can benefit from completing one of the free personality assessments online. Ask members to bring their results to the next meeting and share. Discuss what your results say about how you communicate with others.
  3. Post to social media. Encourage the chapter or fellow volunteers to share blog posts and other REAL Leadership Online content with their members on their social media pages.
  4. Link up! Every month REAL Leadership Online scours the internet to link four articles online that put a special emphasis on women and leadership. Our suggestion is to pick just one have the group read and then discuss at your next meeting.
  5. Start a book club. The hardest part of starting any book club is deciding what to read next. Let REAL Leadership Online do that for you! Every month we feature a new leadership book on our REAL Bookshelf. This is a great excuse to get together with your sisters and discuss women and leadership.