3 Questions Sorority Leaders Should Ask Themselves

It's easy for leaders to spend most of their time focused on their chapter and its members, but great leaders recognize that sometimes the best way to move their chapters forward is to ask themselves the hard questions. To help grow as both a leader and an individual ask yourself the following: 

  1. Did I celebrate my chapter's success? Recognizing hard work is important to your chapter's well-being. No one wants to work their butt off and have it go unrecognized.  Celebrate accomplishments with your chapter. Plan a fun event, have a treat at your next meeting, or share your awesomeness on social media. 
  2. How am I building sisterhood? Sisterhood is more than just watching a movie with your sisters on a Wednesday night. As a leader you want to make sure that you are helping foster true sisterhood in your chapter. Do your members treat each other with respect? Are they accountable to one another? How do your sisters show each other that they care? Sisterhood shouldn't just be a noun, an event on a calendar. Sisterhood is a verb, a thing everyone does and feels.  
  3. Am I being a role model? There is no better way to lead your chapter than to show them the way. Are you upholding the Core Values of Gamma Phi Beta? Everyone makes mistakes, but as a leader it is important that you learn from them and be the example for the rest of your chapter. Knowing the Core Values and living them are two different things. You influence your members' behavior so make sure you are showing your members what it really means to be Gamma Phi Beta.