Developing Your Personal Mission Statement
Company mission statements clarify the purpose of the organization and provide the framework for guiding the company's vision and principles. Gamma Phi Beta's mission statement is to inspire the highest type of womanhood. A well-written mission statement can help determine a company's direction, strategic plan and decision-making. Without a mission statement the company, its employees and its customers are left without a "why." Leadership guru Simon Sinek put it best, "People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it." 
Understanding why you do the things you do is just as important as understanding why a company does them. As a leader you are continually trying to get your members, employer or employees to buy into your brand of leadership. In order to lead effectively you need to be able to consistently and concisely demonstrate your own "why" to your followers and creating your own personal mission statement can help. 
Great mission statements are clear, simple and specific. William Arruda, personal branding expert and author of "Ditch, Dare, Do: 3D Personal Branding for Executives," offers an easy-to-use template for creating a personal mission statement in his book: the value you create + who you're creating it for + the expected outcome. For example: I use my passion and expertise in leadership today to inspire women to become exemplary leaders of tomorrow. 
Having a personal mission statement is a powerful tool that will help you to lead confidently and serve as a guide as you make important life decisions. 
Here are examples of personal mission statements from within Gamma Phi Beta: 
To learn courageously, lead ethically and inspire widely. - Director of Chapter Development Kyle Jordan 
To serve as an agent of positive change in individuals and society through mutual understanding, critical thinking, and strategic actions, and in doing so create an example for others to follow. - Regional Director Region 1 Katherine Pezzella
To live a life full of love, enthusiasm, and determination as I encourage those around me. - Sorority Director Alumnae Development Teresa Haney
To utilize my strength in communication to convey important information and encouragement to our members so that they can effectively work to inspire the highest type of womanhood. - The Crescent Editor Amanda Lubeck
To positively encourage and inspire those around me to live with purpose. - Facilities Marketing Coordinator Maddy Schroeder
To use the utmost integrity while applying my training in communication studies to develop socially engaged research and make knowledge widely available to those who can benefit. - Sorority Director Chapter Life Shana Makos