Leadership Without a Title
If leadership is your goal, don't wait for a title or an election to show off your talents. By acting and thinking like a leader now, the title is more likely to come later. Leadership is not reserved for chapter presidents or executive directors. You, too, can show your leadership potential by keeping the following in mind: 
Take on the Tough Jobs 
There are always a few tasks no one wants to take on at every job, organization or chapter. This is your chance to step up to the plate. Leaders get the job done even when it might not be the most fun or rewarding. When no one else raises their hand, that is your cue to volunteer. 
Show Up 
Leaders don't get to pick and choose which events they show up to, so you shouldn't either. If you want to make an impression and show your commitment to the group, make sure you are attending events and meetings. 
Find a Role Model or Mentor 
What kind of person currently holds the position you are hoping to run for, or the job title you want? What attributes does this person have - how do they act and communicate? Try to find ways to work closely with the person you admire. Consider joining a committee they are on or volunteering for a job in their department. Finally, don't be afraid to express your interest in their leadership. They are probably more than happy to provide you with a few words of wisdom. 
Do Excellent Work 
Don't let focusing on a future leadership position get in the way of your current responsibilities. One of the best ways to show you are leadership material is to do an exceptional job in your current position. Remember, the best way to let someone know you are ready for leadership is to show them, not tell them.   
What is the best way your have demonstrated your leadership potential?