Gamma Phi Get-Together

On September 24, 1875, Gamma Phi Beta’s four Founders first met “in the room kindly furnished by Professor Brown,” whose namesake we draw our colors of brown and light brown (mode). To honor the sisterhood experienced that day that has continued for almost 150 years, we invite you to Gamma Phi Get-Together every September.

Thank you to those who participated in our more than 50 Gamma Phi Get-Togethers in 2023! 


The idea is simple – get with a sister or several and do something fun on or around September 24! As pairs or groups of sisters join together, let’s celebrate the connection we have as Gamma Phi Betas. By coming together, we can show just how far our bond reaches – across collegiate chapter, distance, generations and more.

Check the open events below to see if an event is already taking place in your area. Looking for an opportunity to reconnect with sisters from college, set up a Zoom call! Do you have a group of sisters you meet up with often? See if they want to gather for a private Gamma Phi Get-Together. As events are registered, they will be added to the section below.


All Gamma Phi Get-Together hosts will receive a discount code good for any First Moon Napa Valley wine purchase. Use this code to stock up for your Get-Together or to personally celebrate an event well planned! First Moon Napa Valley is the only wine brand designed exclusively for the Gamma Phi Beta sisterhood and 20% of all proceeds are given back to our Sorority. 


  • Register your event when it opens late summer 2024. 
  • Contact sisters you want to co-host a Gamma Phi Get-Together with.
  • Find an activity that works best for you. Need suggestions? Check out these event ideas.
  • Let others know you are hosting an event. We will send you helpful hosting tips, graphics and a big thank you for your participation!
  • Have the best time connecting and reconnecting with sisters! 

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Event Ideas

Don’t know what to do for your Gamma Phi Get-Together? Use this list to start planning!

  • First Moon wine tasting 
  • Walk in the park
  • Playdate with Gamma Phi Beta moms and children
  • Group fitness class
  • Trivia night at a local restaurant
  • Museum tour at a new exhibit in town
  • Happy hour at a local restaurant
  • Backyard hangout
  • Virtual happy hour hosted through a web-conferencing platform, like Zoom or FaceTime

Need help with your Get-Together or have other ideas you want added to this list? Email alumnae engagement manager Carrie Loveless.

Past Gamma Phi Get-Togethers

Kelly Pelletier (Arizona)
As the Tucson Alumnae Chapter President, it was my honor to encourage our group that has kept in touch for so many years to do a Gamma Phi Get-Together.”

Corby Mullins (California Polytechnic State)
“I wanted to see some of the ladies who were so special to me during this amazing time in my life. This is the perfect moment to bring us all together!"

 Autumn Hansen (Idaho)
"What a treat to spend time with some of our past International Council members! I am so grateful for their leadership, loyalty and legacy.”

Gamma Phi Get-Together Apparel

Check out Crescent Corner for items to wear during Gamma Phi Get Together!

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