Reference FAQs

Do you have questions about references? Read our FAQs to learn more!

What browser should I use?
We recommend you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is not universally compatible with our form, therefore we ask that you not use it.

When I try to complete a reference online, the process tells me that I need to login but I am already logged in. What should I do?
The reference form is a separate software that allows us to use the login information for the reference. If you keep your website account logged in or if there is a delay in completing the reference, the link between the website and the reference will expire for security purposes. You will need to completely log out of the website under Member and then log back which will allow you to access the reference form.

What are references?
References are a great way to introduce a potential new member (PNM) to a Gamma Phi Beta chapter. They provide valuable information related to the PNM’s values and help the chapter to have quality conversations with the PNM during recruitment.

Why should I write a reference?
Writing references is a lifetime privilege and responsibility that connects alumnae with collegians and ultimately helps Gamma Phi Beta grow.

Should I write a reference for a legacy?
Absolutely! Writing a reference is a great way to introduce a legacy to a chapter. There is a section of the form to indicate the woman’s legacy connection. The legacy policy can be found here.

Who can write references?
Any Gamma Phi Beta alumna or collegiate member in good standing can write a reference. Good standing for individual members requires meeting all Gamma Phi Beta financial obligations. Collegiate members should contact their chapter for more information. Alumnae members, click here to pay your annual international alumnae dues, or click here to join Life Loyal.

When can you write references?
References are always valuable. It is best to be sure that it is submitted at least a few weeks prior to their primary recruitment process; most chapters and universities publish these dates on their websites. A last-minute reference is still much better than no reference.

Are references only for primary recruitment?
No, it is increasingly common for chapters to have the opportunity to extend an invitation of membership to a few additional women outside of the primary recruitment period. Recommending a woman can help a chapter to identify quality candidates at any time during the school year.

If a potential new member (PNM) receives a reference, does she automatically receive a bid?
While references are important, reference writers and PNMs must understand that recruitment is an increasingly competitive environment and that a reference does not guarantee a bid for membership.

After I write a reference where does it go?
With the new online reference system, references are delivered electronically directly to the chapter officers and advisors responsible for recruitment.

What should I do if I have problems completing the reference form?
Please email us at indicating the nature of your question. We will be in touch to provide assistance.

What if I cannot remember my log in credentials for the website?
Please email us at and we will be able to provide this information.

What information do I need from a PNM before I write a reference?
Be prepared before you write a reference by using the checklist found here or providing it to the PNM who is requesting a reference. If available, a PNM should provide the reference writer with a digital photo for upload into the reference system. Many PNMs also choose to provide additional information like a resume or transcript to the reference writer. This information is for reference only and does not need to be submitted to the chapter nor uploaded in the reference system.

I've completed an online reference, do I need to send the potential new member's resume or other documentation to the chapter?
No. The chapter gets its most valuable and usable information from the other information you provided in your reference form. Additional documentation is not needed. Chapters receive a lot of information about a PNM's activities and involvement both in the qualifications section of your reference form and in the potential new member's recruitment application to Panhellenic.

Photo Resizing

The following are options you can use to resize a photo to upload in your reference. We cannot account for all photos and types.

To Resize a picture using Microsoft Office Picture Manager

  • Right click on picture, go to Open With and open Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
  • Go to Picture and choose Resize
  • The Resize box will open and allow you to adjust the size accordingly.

To Resize a picture using Paint

  • Right click on picture, go to Open With and open Paint.
  • Choose Resize form under the Home tab
  • The Resize box will open and allow you to adjust the size accordingly.

If you have access to Adobe Creative Suite, you will able to resize a photo there. There are also a number of websites that you can use to resize your photo.

If you have been provided a photo in PDF format, please click here to convert the file to a JPG.

Only one photo may be added per reference form.