1992: The 65th Convention – Structure Revision

Members of Epsilon Iota Chapter (Christopher Newport), 1993.

When delegates gathered at the Adams Mark Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, for their 65th Convention during July 1992, they reviewed and approved a substantial revision in the officer structure of Greek-letter chapters. Based on recommendations from a consultant on administrative structures, the chapters were now divided into seven departments, each chaired by an officer of the executive council. The officers of the executive council were the president, administrative vice president, financial vice president, member education vice president (today called education vice president), membership vice president, Panhellenic delegate (today called Panhellenic affairs vice president) and public relations vice president. As a result of these revisions, active participation by all members was increased and more leadership opportunities were now available to more members. In addition, responsibilities were spread more equitably among officers and committee members, and teamwork and cooperation was enhanced while still leaving more time for academics and chapter events.