About Us

The Gamma Phi Beta Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in 1959 to support and implement the philanthropic and educational goals of the Sorority. The Foundation provides resources for the Sorority’s leadership programs, heightens a lifelong philanthropic commitment among members and supports our members’ education through financial aid programs. 



The purpose of the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation is to support and inspire the lifelong development of women. 



The Foundation was established in January 1959 as the fundraising arm of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. The two are separate legal entities that support each other's missions, vision and values. Both are housed at International Headquarters in Centennial, Colorado.  

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority was one of the first National Panhellenic Conference organizations to establish a foundation for educational fundraising. In the last 50 years, Gamma Phi Beta Foundation has distributed more than $12.5 million: $5.3 million for leadership education, $3.7 million for our chapters' philanthropic endeavors and $3.5 million in financial aid.

Foundation Board of Trustees

Foundation Chair 
Julie Dunn Eichenberg (Florida State) 

International Council Representatives 
Annabel M. Jones (Oklahoma)
Autumn L. Hansen (Idaho)

Development and Public Relations Committee Chair 
Jeannette "J.J." Stoll Kaelin (Colorado-Boulder) 

Finance Committee Chair
Karen Kendall (Vanderbilt)

Governance Committee Chair 
Rosemary Milew (California-Irvine)

Grants Committee Chair 
Cathy Boudreaux Griffin (Louisiana State)

Karen Gamel Urette (Oklahoma)
Kathy George (Indiana State)
Frances Griffin (Texas-Austin)
Margaret Myers (Colorado College)
Kitty deKieffer, Foundation Executive Director 
Megan Wick (Washington State), Sorority Executive Director