Convention Tips and FAQ

Packing Tips

  • Convention 2024 Proposed Bylaw Amendments Package and Report of the International Nominating Committee
  • 2022 Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Gamma Phi Beta badge (a badge is required to be admitted to business sessions or ritual events)
  • Personal spending money for meals on your own, Foundation giving opportunities, official Sorority merchandise and awesome items available for purchase in our vendor area.
  • White ritual attire for our most sacred ritual services. Apparel should be badge attire in solid white/off white with no colors or patterns and neutral dress shoes (e.g., modest dresses, slacks and blouse, skirt and blouse, suit, etc.).
  • Semi-formal/cocktail dress for Pink Carnation Banquet.
  • Business casual clothes for Wednesday through Saturday (e.g., slacks, skirts, blouses, sweaters, dress shirts, dresses, etc.).
  • Business casual clothes in Gamma Phi Beta branded colors for Gamma Fri-yay. Shades of pink, grey, brown, blue attire are encouraged.
  • Exercise/casual clothes (free 24-hour workout facility).
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • A light jacket, sweater or wrap for chilly ballrooms.
  • Hat decorations. Be creative and embellish your Confirmed Conventioneers hat (i.e., needle/thread, paint markers, foam stickers, glue, etc.). Pink carnations will be available to purchase in advance and on-site for your hat (one for every Convention you have attended).
  • Ideas and questions – bring questions you would love to get answered and ideas you’re eager to share.

Attire Tips

  • Arrival Day: Classy and casual is the theme. Your comfy travel clothes are great on this day. Wear your favorite Gamma Phi Beta shirt, sweatshirt or tote bag to easily spot other sisters!
  • Business sessions, breakfasts, luncheons and enrichment sessions: Wear business casual attire (e.g., suit, slacks and blouse, skirt and blouse, dress, etc.). Be sure to wear layers as temperatures vary in the rooms.
  • Gamma Fri-yay: This is the day to showcase our Gamma Phi pride by donning our brand colors. Attire on this day should still be business casual attire (e.g., suit, slacks and blouse, skirt and blouse, dress, etc.) and should feature our brand colors in shades of pink, grey, brown and blue.
  • Memorial Service and Initiation: White badge attire is required for these events (e.g., solid white/off white dress, skirt/blouse or pantsuit and your badge; neutral shoes). No jewelry is permitted except for badges, wedding rings and permanent jewelry.
  • Confirmed Conventioneers Dinner: Wear your favorite Gamma Phi Beta clothing for this fun and casual evening experience. Grey hats will be provided. Shop Gamma Phi Beta's official retail store, Crescent Corner, to find the perfect Gamma Phi Beta clothing to wear!
  • Pink Carnation Banquet: Semi-formal/cocktail dresses. Dress like you're headed to spring formal. 

Click the button below for examples of what to wear at Convention!

What To Wear


  • Bellhop tips are not included in the registration fee, so please tip accordingly ($1-$2/bag).
  • Take time to review your registration materials so you will be prepared for the exciting week ahead.
  • Be on time – Convention runs on a tight schedule. You’ll be amazed at how much we accomplish in just three days!
  • To make the most of your Convention experience, try to meet at least one new person at each event. There will be more than 900 sisters who would love to meet you.
  • Be respectful and listen closely whenever anyone is at the microphone, or you might miss valuable information or announcements.
  • Download the mobile app so that you have the complete schedule of events at your fingertips. This is also the best way for us to communicate any last-minute changes or reminders so be sure and enable push notifications so that we can stay in touch with you.
  • Got questions? The Help Desk has answers. They are open daily in the Great Lakes Lobby. You can also message them through the app by searching ‘Help Desk’ in the Attendees section.
  • Don’t miss the Foundation room and Crescent Corner located in the Great Lakes C. Also don’t forget to stop by our sponsor and vendor booths in the Great Lakes Foyer. They will have great merchandise and products to peruse. A portion of all sales will be donated to the Foundation.
  • Don’t forget to decorate your Confirmed Conventioneers hat! Before Friday evening, stop by the Hat Decorating Room in Great Lakes A and purchase one pink carnation for each Convention you have attended, along with any other hat decorations you want to adorn your hat. You will also have the chance to pay to have your entire hat decorated before your arrival. Check out these examples of fun hats at our past Confirmed Conventioneers events.  

Convention General FAQ

Gamma Phi Beta hosts an international Convention biennially (every other year on even numbered years). The theme of our 81st Convention is celebrating 150 years of sisterhood. Convention is an opportunity to gather as sisters, conduct Sorority business, celebrate our ritual and let our sisterhood shine. 

Anyone who loves Gamma Phi Beta is invited to join in a great week of celebration and sisterhood. Collegiate and alumnae chapter officers, advisors, affiliated house corporation board leaders and members who simply want to connect to the Sorority in meaningful ways are all welcome. Convention is also a wonderful opportunity for emerging leaders in your chapter to network, meet sisters from across the continent and get a big picture view of Gamma Phi Beta. Every collegiate chapter and alumnae chapter is expected to send a delegate.

We understand that attending Convention is an expensive event. Please keep in mind that ticket prices accommodate many things related to Convention, including but not limited to meals, decor, staging, audiovisual, registration, mobile app, safety protocols, staffing, shipping, branding, room rentals, etc. This year has seen an increase in our Convention costs due to inflation and the expense of the Chicago area. 

The Bylaws Committee had a robust discussion regarding the current Convention resolutions process. The Committee recognized that in some ways, the Convention resolutions process is an avenue by which members can engage with International Council; however, they also acknowledged that this process has become less relevant and effective over time. 

  • Fewer resolutions are being submitted, primarily by a small segment of our membership, with our collegiate members largely absent from this process. 

  • The language of resolutions can be too vague, and the Bylaws chairwoman and International Headquarters staff must engage in substantial research and editing. 

  • Precious time at Convention is taken by resolutions that have no legislative power and no implementation guarantees. 

  • Issues raised in resolutions are sometimes proactively being handled through the work of international officers and staff. Data and other information on these issues is available but not shared widely. The Committee sees this gap as one that needs to be addressed. 

The Committee recognizes that feedback from our membership is vital; therefore, to expand and transform this somewhat opaque process to a more transparent one, International Council will replace the Convention resolutions process with an open forum at their winter business meetings. All members will have the opportunity to participate in this annual process, communicating directly with International Council during their business meeting. 

Please email Local Arrangements Chair Jessica Jecmen at  

Convention Registration FAQ

Please utilize this link to recover your username and/or password. If you continue to experience issues, email for assistance with your login information.  

You will receive a confirmation code once you have submitted all registration information. If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folders. If you did not receive a confirmation code, please contact Conference and Meeting Manager Karima Soliman.  

You may register securely online by clicking here. If you would like to register by mail or phone, please contact Conference and Meeting Coordinator Karima Soliman.  

Please be sure you are using Chrome and have your pop-ups enabled. If you are still having issues, please contact the Director of Technology and Applications Kelcy Workman.  

Yes, someone can take your place! Click here and select “Already Registered?” Enter the email and confirmation number that you received with the original registration. At the top of the page, you will see “More Options.” Click this and select “Substitute Registration.” You will then be prompted to enter in the new attendee information. Make sure to either work in tandem with the new attendee or forward them these instructions to complete the substitution on their own. This will ensure we collect accurate attendee information for the new registrant.

Click here to apply for a Convention registration scholarship. This will cover your registration costs only and will not include your costs for flights and hotel. All submissions are due by March 22 to be eligible for consideration. Selected applicants will be notified by Friday, March 29. Please note that delegates and alternates are not eligible to receive scholarships. 

Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. MT on June 6, 2024. A $50 late fee will be applied to all registrations after June 6. All fees must be paid by credit card or check at the time of submitting your registration. All fees must be paid prior to your arrival. Registrants with outstanding fees will not be allowed to participate until the registration cost is paid in full. Registration modifications can be made until June 10. 

A $50 cancellation fee for any Convention registration fees or purchases will apply after April 26.  

After June 6, a 50% penalty against any Convention registration fees or purchases will be applied. 

After June 13, an 80% penalty against any Convention registration fees or purchases will be applied. 

After June 20, a 100% penalty against any Convention registration fees or purchases will be applied.  

No exceptions will be made to these refund policies. 

Please select “Other” and then fill in the missing information.  

Convention Delegate and Alternate FAQ

An alumnae chapter delegate or alternate delegate can be a chapter advisor, affiliated house corporation officer, alumnae chapter member or other international volunteer who is in good standing and an active member in good standing with your alumnae chapter. An alumnae chapter delegate or alternate delegate may not be a current member of IC, professional staff or international volunteer attending Convention at the expense of the Sorority or receiving supplemental funds from the Sorority to attend Convention. 

Delegates and alternates should be formally elected and financially sponsored by your alumnae chapter to represent the chapter. 

Any initiated member from your collegiate chapter can be the delegate or alternate delegate. Traditionally, the chapter president is elected to serve as the delegate; but the chapter may elect any member to serve as the delegate. Each collegiate chapter is required to send one delegate and encouraged to send at least one alternate delegate.  

Delegates and alternates should be formally elected and financially sponsored by your collegiate chapter to represent the chapter. 

Delegates are expected to register as a full Convention attendee and fully participate in all Convention events and business sessions. Delegates are expected to sit in their assigned seat (indicated by a chair cover with the chapter’s name) throughout all business session events. Delegates are responsible for voting on behalf of their chapter for elections of International Council and the Nominating Committee and when voting on Bylaw amendments. Delegates are responsible for sharing the outcomes and experience of Convention with their chapter afterward. 

Alternate delegates are expected to register and fully participate in all Convention events and business sessions. Alternate delegates may be called upon to be credentialed as the voting delegate should the delegate need to leave or step-down. In this case, the alternate delegate would assume all delegate duties at Convention. Alternate delegates should also help the delegate in sharing the outcomes of Convention back to your local chapter. 

Yes, all delegates and alternates are required to attend Convention in person. Our Bylaws state the following, “Delegates must be present to vote at Conventions and special meetings held in person; voting by proxy is prohibited.” 

The Credential Form is the Sorority’s official document that certifies your chapter has elected its delegate and alternate delegate to represent and vote in the best interest of your chapter at Convention. There is one form for alumnae chapters and one form for collegiate chapters. Each chapter needs to submit one form. These can be found here.  

Convention Volunteer FAQ

No, if your role is done by the Convention dates, you are no longer eligible to register and attend Convention at the subsidized rate. 

You should have received a special discount code to register by email. If you did not receive the email, check your spam folder. If you are unable to find the discount code email, please email Page Adams for more information.  

When you register, you will be prompted to list your requested roommate for double occupancy. Please be sure to coordinate with your roommate in advance since only matching requests will be honored. If you want to be roommates with an attendee that is not a volunteer, you will need to pay for a single room and then in the special requests section indicate that you would still like a double room and list your non-volunteer roommate’s name.  

Convention On-site FAQ

Bring some extra money for: 

  • Tips for airport transfers to and from the hotel. 
  • Meals on your own that may include travel meals on Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday and breakfasts on Friday and Saturday.  
  • Snacks and coffee drinks. 
  • Showing your support for the Foundation. 
  • Shopping in our vendor area. 

Click here to access information regarding transportation. Due to the increase in popularity and preference of ridesharing apps, Gamma Phi Beta is no longer providing group transportation. 

Please reference our historical list of Conventions to count your attendance. And yes, virtual Convention counts! Once you have figured out how many Conventions you have attended, you will then know how many carnations to purchase to decorate your hat.  

All seating is open. Be sure to arrive promptly at the start of the event to sit with your group or come and make some new Gamma Phi Beta friends! Please do not use napkins or chairs to save seats as this negates the hard work of our local volunteer committee and creates a walking hazard.  

Yes! The partial attendance registration option will let you create your own Convention experience and allows you participate in the portions of Convention you are able to attend. Delegates, however, must attend the full Convention. 

Please visit the Help Desk. Gamma Phi Beta will have on-loan badges that can be checked out for the duration of Convention.  

Indicate your allergies or dietary needs when you register. All information will be passed along to the resort banquet staff. You will be provided allergy cards in your registration materials that you need to bring to each meal and place at the top of your plate. Staff will do their best to accommodate your needs and can help with any questions about the food provided. If you are concerned about the food offered, it is recommended you bring snacks or seek out other options at your leisure.  

You are welcome to bring a guest or spouse to any of the lunches or dinners at Convention. You may purchase meal tickets for your guest during your registration process. All business sessions and programming are for Gamma Phi Beta members and staff only.  

Gamma Phi Beta Convention is a special experience, and we are excited to have you attend. We strongly recommend you attend the First Time Attendee session on Thursday from 1-1:45 p.m. Join us for a time to meet a new sister and to learn how you can make the most of the week ahead. Before you arrive, review all website pages so you are aware of all that is available.  

This is up to you. Convention officially starts on Thursday, June 27, but we are offering some optional activities on Wednesday, June 26, for those who might want to come in early and have some casual sisterhood time. Optional activities on Wednesday will start at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. depending on which event you are participating in. 

For those who arrive on Thursday, June 27, the opening ceremonies begin at 4:30 p.m. and the Welcome Dinner begins at 6 p.m. Be sure to leave time to check-in with the hotel and our Convention Registration Desk as well as time to relax and get ready for these activities! All chapter delegates should plan to attend the processional practice at 3 p.m. 

Each day of the Convention is jam-packed with activities. Please click here for a schedule overview. The detailed schedule will be provided to you at registration and will be available in the mobile app. 

They Mystic Circle will take place on Friday, June 28 at the end of the afternoon business session. Please be sure to wear comfortable shoes.  

Yes, we will have round-trip shuttles running from 6:45 p.m. to 10 p.m. between the hotel and City Hall all evening on Friday, June 28. We will also have an accessible transfer for those with mobility challenges. More information will be provided onsite in the mobile app.   

The last event is our Pink Carnation Banquet which begins at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. 

We are currently reviewing options. We have also compiled a list of the many things you can see and do in the Chicago area! We encourage you to enjoy the day with your fellow sisters and explore the area. 

If you haven’t found an answer in the information provided, please contact Director of Conferences and Meetings Page Adams or Conferences and Meetings Coordinator Karima Soliman.