Leadership Suitcase

By 2014-15 Collegiate Leadership Consultant Brittney Dunham (Texas Christian)

As a collegiate leadership consultant (CLC) I travel with three massive suitcases, one carry-on bag and a purse. While this may seem a little excessive, each piece of luggage serves a distinct purpose for my travels. My clothes and laptop are important, but the most critical of the three bags I bring with me on every trip is my leadership suitcase. 

My ultimate goal is to spark positive growth in our collegiate members and leave a positive impact wherever I visit. On any given day you can find me meeting with chapter officers, facilitating workshops, assisting with goal setting, getting to know new sisters from all over the country and, of course, using my leadership skills. 
Before I hit the road in August I kept thinking of all the scenarios I might face and which leadership skills I might need. What I quickly learned was that while I do use a variety of skills, there are four I consistently pull out of my leadership suitcase over and over again.

  1. An Open Mind. Keeping an open mind can lead to many outcomes, but I have found it allows for a better understanding of the situation and a more effective solution to the problem.
  2. A Positive Attitude. An upbeat outlook and positive attitude are infectious and usually provide the much needed extra push to overcome obstacles.
  3. Critical Thinking Skills. Many times the challenges I encounter are complex and multi-faceted without a clear solution. Critical thinking skills are necessary to creating a viable and beneficial plan of action.
  4. Personal Limits. I can only perform at my best when I take care of myself. By setting personal limits and sticking to them, I ensure I am healthy, mentally present and excited to take on my next task.

Interested in being a CLC? Applications will be available on GammaPhiBeta.org in October.