Cultures all over the world have participated in the ritual of spring cleaning for centuries. The Chinese believe spring cleaning before the Chinese New Year brings their homes good fortune, Jewish homeowners cleanse their houses before Passover and Iranians “shake the house” to revive their living spaces on the day of the vernal equinox to celebrate the Persian New Year. As a leader, spring is a great time to embrace the cleaning mentality and refresh your workspace and leadership skills. Check one thing off your list for five days to spring clean your leadership life.

Day One: Clean out your inbox.

There is nothing more refreshing than an empty inbox. Use this time to unsubscribe to useless newsletters, create a folder system to stay organized and answer any emails that you have been leaving for “later.” While you’re at it, create a schedule for checking your email to help manage your inbox.

Day Two: Update your résumé.

You never know when an opportunity may come your way. Be prepared by updating your résumé, CV and cover letter. Click here for a list of résumé tips that are applicable to any career path.

Day Three: Adopt a plant.

Find something green to bring into your workspace. Plants have been proven to increase productivity and happiness and it doesn’t hurt that they look great, either. Count on BuzzFeed for a great list of desk-friendly plant life.

Day Four: Clean up your contacts.

Throw out old business cards and organize your phone contacts. Your network is no good to you if you can’t easily find the information you need. Not sure where to start? Click here to learn the best way to organize your Android or iPhone contacts.

Day Five: Look ahead for opportunities.

Take some time to update your calendars with important dates and deadlines. Add the dates for upcoming personal and professional development opportunities so that you can be sure to apply or register for events that will help take your leadership skills to the next level. 


Source: Clark, Josh. “Why Do We Traditionally Clean Our Homes at the Beginning of Spring?”