Seeking advice can be difficult, but Gamma Phi Beta gives you endless opportunities to connect with women across the globe. Your sisters are one of your greatest resources and can be anything from a shoulder to cry and rely on, to an infinite network in the various aspects of life. It might be intimidating to reach out to a sister that you don’t know, but you shouldn’t let that hold you back. Gamma Phi Beta makes it easy to reach out to one another because as sisters, we all share part of the same story.

There are countless women in Gamma Phi Beta that want to help you grow! Gamma Phi Beta’s Collegiate Leadership Consultants (CLC) are a great example. Have you had a CLC visit your chapter recently? If so, you know how impactful they can be, providing leadership development, feedback, information and a fresh perspective on being an undergraduate student. I know some of my most motivating moments this semester stemmed from discussions with a CLC. If you have not yet had a CLC visit, find the time to connect with her the next time a CLC visits your chapter. You can learn more about this year’s CLCs by clicking here.

When seeking advice, other alumnae that can impact you are your chapter’s advisors. Have there ever been times where you have been positively impacted by your advisor? Are there any positive qualities about your advisors that stand out to you, qualities that you strive to embody as well? There are probably too many to count! Being a great leader is knowing one when you see one. With April being Advisor Appreciation Month, ensure you are recognizing those qualities and letting your advisors know how much you appreciate them and the volunteer work that they do for your chapter. Encourage your advisors to #KeepShining with Gamma Phi Beta by showing how much you value their efforts to help you inspire to be the highest type!

Talking to alumnae and advisors, especially about their work with Gamma Phi Beta can tell you a lot about their values and lead to conversations filled with advice about career opportunities, volunteer work, remaining a lifelong sister and so much more. What’s stopping you? Establishing connections, whether it’s an advisor or other alumnae members, will only benefit you in the long run. There is always room for more guidance and support from your sisters both near and far!

By Danielle Dupuis (Bridgewater State)

In Spring 2015, Danielle joined the Epsilon Eta Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta at Bridgewater State University as a freshman. Danielle currently serves as administrative vice president. As a psychology major with minors in public relations and inclusive special education/communication disorders, Danielle hopes to work in Higher Education Administration. Danielle is actively involved on campus as the Student Government President, an orientation leader and manager of student life social media (BSUlife), among other involvements. Within her leadership roles Danielle enjoys goal-setting, list-making, honesty, striving to be dependable and finding ways to better herself and others daily. Danielle loves traveling, spending her days the beach (she lives 10 minutes away from the East coast), reading and working out. She loves getting to know others and making connections, so feel free to reach out to her!