Gamma Phi Beta chapter presidents and chapter advisors took over St. Louis, Missouri, last weekend for the REAL Leadership Academy. Check out a few statistics from this annual event.

135 – The number of chapter presidents in attendance. Every single Gamma Phi Beta chapter was represented!

105 – The number of chapter advisors present.

9 – The number of breakout sessions attendees could attend. Topics of the breakout sessions included: Courageous Conversations, How to Maximize Your Collegiate Leadership Consultant Visit, Working with Large Chapters, Chapter President Resources, Managing Mental Health, Responding to Sexual Violence, Working with College Women, Training Advisory Boards and Self-Care.

250 – The number of soft pretzels consumed during an afternoon snack break.

5 – The number of levels of sisterhood a chapter can demonstrate according to Dr. Gentry McCreary’s research. Academy attendees learned that there are five schemas of sisterhood: shared social experiences, support and encouragement, belonging, accountability and common purpose. Each schema demonstrates a deeper level of sisterhood.

150 – The size of a chapter when sisterhood begins to look different. Dr. Gentry McCreary shared findings from his Gamma Phi Beta sisterhood research and noted chapters larger than 150 members have more difficulty trying to create a sense of accountability and common purpose among members. You can read more about chapter size and sisterhood here.

87 – The number of attendees who had “Achiever” as a top five strength. This was the most common strength among the REAL Leadership Academy attendees. Achievers have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They take great satisfaction in being busy and productive.

4 – The number of attendees who had “Self-Assurance” as a top five strength. This was the least common strength among the REAL Leadership Academy attendees. People with self-assurance tend to have deep faith in their strengths and are unafraid to take on risks or challenges. If you are interested in your own strengths you can take the assessment for a nominal fee here.

5 – The number of crafts at Girls Night In. The group made washi tape bookmarks, carnation rings, decorated coffee mugs, washi tape pens and enjoyed Gamma Phi Beta coloring book pages. These are all great ideas for your next sisterhood event!

360 – The number of days until REAL Leadership Academy 2017!