Bullet Journal

Some of the most popular posts on REAL Leadership Online have been a round-up of the best apps for leaders. You can check them out here and here. Most of the apps featured have focused on productivity and organization however the latest trend in organization and planning is not an app. In fact, it is as simple as a pen and paper.

Bullet journals have taken over Instagram, Pinterest and have even been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Shape Magazine and the Huffington Post. The bullet journal is an organizational system that is flexible and customizable. While every journal looks different the main components of the system are:

An index – Bullet journals rely on numbered pages to stay organized. The index works like a table of contents so that you can easily find what you are seeking.

Future log – This is your long term organizational tool. These are items or events that need scheduled in advance, such as birthdays or vacations.

Monthly log – A monthly log provides an overview of an entire month’s schedule. It also serves as a place to write a to-do list or task checklist for the month.

Daily log – This is where you can record your daily to-dos, thoughts, events or even the weather. This section will make up the bulk of your journal.

Once you have created your pages the bullet journal system works so that you can prioritize what is most important. This allows you to be productive vs. busy. By using signifiers next to tasks and events you can easily keep track of what is a priority, what needs evaluated and what can be forgotten. Here’s the key bullet journal that creator, Ryder Carroll, uses in his own journal:

X = Task complete

> = Task migrated (moved from one day to another)

< = Task scheduled

O = Event

-  = Idea, thought or note

* = Priority

! = Great idea

Bullet journals range from simple to absolutely stunning, but most importantly people agree that they work! Want to start your own bullet journal? Watch the video below to help you get started and search #bujo on social media for inspiration.