Whether you are looking for a part-time job while you are in school or already thinking about preparing your résumé for graduation, your Gamma Phi Beta experience can help you stand out in a stack of applications. Use these three easy steps to ensure your résumé shines as bright as you do.

1) Use appropriate terms. When sharing your Gamma Phi Beta experience on a résumé it is important to choose words and terms that reflect your professionalism. Avoid using girls or sisters on your résumé and replace them with women or members. Be sure to refer to your chapter house as facility, organization or chapter. Finally, ask someone unaffiliated with the Greek system to read over your resume to check for any words or jargon that a future employer may not understand.

2) Share your accomplishments.  Describing the things you did with Gamma Phi Beta is fine, but if you really want to stand out share what you accomplished instead. Including relevant numbers and facts is a great way to show your value. Here’s an example:

Job description: Oversaw recruitment of new members for organization. Managed a budget. Delegated event-planning activities. Achieved Panhellenic Quota. 

Job accomplishments: Oversaw three directors and a committee of 20 women with the goal of attracting new members to the organization. Distributed a budget of $3,000 among operating costs, materials, four formal recruitment events, three informal events and marketing materials. Delegated event planning to four volunteers while ensuring compliance with governing regulations and budgetary constraints. Recruited largest class in recent history of 36 new members and engaged membership of more than 100 women in the process.

3) Make use of resources. Often job opportunities arise when we least expect them so prepare your résumé in advance so that you have time to seek out advice and editing. Your campus career center is a great place to start. There are also many online resources that can provide additional help such as Job Bound and Sweet Careers Consulting.

Don’t forget that your résumé should be less than two pages and listing your experiences based on relevance to the position rather than chronologically is now the best practice for highlighting your qualifications.

Has your Gamma Phi Beta experience helped you land a job? Let us know by emailing Programming Coordinator Carri Houser