Leadership Lessons from Mom

This past weekend we celebrated moms across the country. For many people most of life's important lessons are learned from our mothers. Moms teach us how to tie our shoes, ride bikes and drive cars - and whether they know it or not they also teach us how to be great leaders. Here are a few leadership lessons we can learn from moms everywhere.

Leaders are patient. Patience is a virtue and no one exudes patience quite like a mother. Whether they are trying to get us to clean our rooms or do our homework mothers find a way to take deep breaths, count to ten and teach us how to do something. Leaders have to remember that rushing through things or forcing a change doesn't allow for learning. Patience allows leaders to develop those around them, to consider important decisions and to focus on long-term goals.  

Leaders listen. There are perhaps no better listeners in the world than mothers. Moms listen to us complain, cry, laugh, share and celebrate. No matter the topic of conversation mothers are ready to lend an ear at a moment's notice. Moms even listen when we aren't saying anything and can recognize when something is wrong or we aren't being ourselves. Successful leaders do the same. They know they should never be so busy that they can't listen, they realize that listening isn't about them but about others and great leaders know that recognizing non-verbal communication is just as important as hearing what someone as to say. 

Leaders eat last. Leadership guru Simon Sinek says that he learned this concept from the military and that this philosophy allows leaders to create environments where teams trust each other so deeply that they will put their lives on the line for one another. Our mothers teach us this concept from birth. Mothers always eat last both literally and metaphorically; they consistently put others before themselves and create trust within their families. When leaders "eat last" they create stable and confident teams where members feel they belong to something bigger than themselves. 

What leadership lessons did you learn from your mother?