Throughout our time in Gamma Phi Beta we will stumble upon many different leadership opportunities and roles. For some of us that may be taking a position on executive council, but for many it means being a chairwoman or helping out someone with a big position. All of these roles make up the strong leaders that spread across Gamma Phi Beta.

Being a leader in Gamma Phi is an experience you cannot get anywhere else during your time as a collegian. You are able to make mistakes while still getting feedback from your advisors about what could be done better or what you are doing exponentially well. In Gamma Phi you have the strong support system and amazing alumnae to cheer you on.

Gamma Phi Beta strives to provide the highest quality training and conferences to give the leaders of today the best outlets to network and blossom in the world. Opportunities like the Real Leadership Experience (RLE), Real Leadership Conferences (RLC) and the REAL Leadership Academy (RLA) give sisters a place to come together and talk about what it means to be a leader.

As for me, I am a product of the program. I was part of the inaugural group selected to go through this experience and it has given me so many resources and connections which I would have never fathomed of coming to fruition if not for being chosen. Back in 2014, I was a lot different than I am today, but I give a lot of the praise and thanks to RLE for showing me what a leader looks like, sounds like and how a leader conducts herself. I have taken a lot of what I learned at RLE and morphed it into my everyday life and Gamma Phi leadership role as membership vice president of my chapter.

Being a leader can mean that you do not take a role on the executive council, but you are a chairwoman or possibly an assistant to someone with a leadership role. This conveys leadership in and of itself. You have acknowledged you either do not want a larger role in Gamma Phi, you are not ready to take the leap into an executive role or you have found your calling in another role in the Sorority. These all show leadership by being aware of your strengths and abilities.

Whether you are a new member or a graduating senior, you will always have something to bring to the leadership table of Gamma Phi. If you have not found your calling yet, do not fret, your time will come. Rely on your sisters to see the potential in you growing and flourishing. It takes time to be ready to run a chapter, you may be on the cusp of being the president or the membership vice president, be patient. Wait until Gamma Phi is ready for you, she will know when the time is right.

Laura Hoffman (North Carolina-Asheville): Laura is a senior mass communications major and health and wellness promotion minor at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Since joining Gamma Phi Beta in the fall of 2014, Laura has held many positions in Epsilon Psi Chapter including her favorite and current position, membership vice president. Laura can be seen in the school’s gym on any given day, at any crazy hour or in the drive-thru line at Chick-fil-A. She is excited to share her knowledge of Gamma Phi Beta and how to cook a great chicken during her last year as a collegiate member.