On November 11, 1874, four trail-blazing women, Helen M. Dodge, Frances E. Haven , E. Adeline Curtis and Mary A. Bingham, founded Gamma Phi Beta. Their dedication and love for one another lives on in our members past and present in the everlasting bonds of sisterhood that connect generation after generation. Gamma Phi Beta was established in 1874, but new members have established themselves as members of our sorority every year for the last 142 years. This week we celebrate Founders Day by sharing memories and meaningful moments from Gamma Phi Betas across North America.

Ariel Peele (Colorado-Boulder) #Est2006

Both as a collegian and as an alumna, sisters I have worked with from all over the country have allowed me to fail and help me learn from my mistakes. I can't say there has been one meaningful moment because there doesn't seem to be an end to the number of times my sisters are there to support me. They are always there to boost my confidence and help me learn from experiences in ways I can't get anywhere else. 

Lauren Saizan (Loyola-New Orleans) #Est2014

My favorite Gamma Phi memory is the day I got my little. When she found out I was her big, her excitement was something I’ll never forget. She’s become such an important person in my life since then, and for that day I’m forever grateful.  

Margaret Pape (Oklahoma) #Est1964

As the former director of ritual I was present when our newest chapters were initiated. Seeing the love they had for our Sorority was thrilling. These newest members are truly the future of Gamma Phi Beta.

Merry Cosgrove (San Diego State) #Est1975

My favorite memory would be initiating my daughter, Samm Wong (Chico State), into Gamma Phi Beta in spring 2006.

Mary Weiss (St. Louis) #Est2015

This past year was my first time being on the other side of recruitment and I had so much fun. I truly feel that I got closer with my new member class along with my chapter as a whole. At the end of each night we ate pizza and sang our hearts out to songs from when we were in grade school. It was awesome!

Emilie Walker (British Columbia) #Est2008

Installing the London UK Alumnae Chapter as the first alumnae chapter outside of North America has been the most meaningful to me. I have been so lucky to meet some incredible, driven and supportive women out here! We really are an international sorority.


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