Since 1987 the United States has recognized March as Women’s History Month and March 8 as International Women’s Day. What began as a week-long celebration in Sonoma, California, is now a month dedicated to honoring and celebrating the contributions and accomplishments of great women throughout history. In honor of Women’s History Month here is a list of fun challenges for you to take on this month.

  1. Share this GIF on social media.
  2. Compliment other women.
  3. Interview the women in your family.
  4. Read a book about a female character by a female author. Our suggestion: “Caddie Woodlawn” by Carol Ryrie Brink (Idaho).
  5. Get to know Gamma Phi Beta’s past presidents on the History of Gamma Phi Beta website.
  6. Write a thank you note to an important woman in your life.
  7. Celebrate the power of women with the winter issue of The Crescent.
  8. Revamp your résumé.
  9. Dance it out.
  10. Help build strong girls by making a donation or volunteering with Girls on the Run.
  11. Host a girl’s night with your friends.
  12. Complete the New York Times “America’s First Ladies” crossword puzzle.
  13. Write in a journal.
  14. Fill out the 2016 Division 1 Women’s Basketball Championship bracket.
  15. Meet with your mentor.
  16. Exercise your right to vote. Click here to register.
  17. Craft a photo collage of all the important women in your life.
  18. Jam out with a female-centric playlist. Create your own or listen to the First Lady’s own girl-powered playlist on Spotify.
  19. Follow your favorite female leader on Instagram.
  20. Watch the Google Doodle created to celebrate International Women’s Day 2016.
  21. Brush up on your salary negotiation skills.

Pictured is an image from Convention 1970 that originally appeared in The Crescent. The caption on the photo reads, “Choice. Choice is the complex, demanding ability which has established the highest planes of civilization. Choice has elected the rulers, the professions of discovery and invention. Choice has narrowed research to victorious enlightenments…Yet choice begins within you – a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – a ‘right’ or a ‘left.’ In the beginning, choice is a simple word…”