The App You Should Download Today

REAL Leadership Online has featured the best apps for leaders once before and boasts a multitude of personality assessments, but this week's post brings them both together with an app that combines leadership and assessment.

Levo, a website dedicated to helping women grow and develop their leadership skills and careers, created a new app that can help you discover your natural talents, or thinking talents. Thinking talents come naturally and set you apart from the crowd. When you put your thinking talents to use your capacity for excellence is maximized. 

The Thinking Talents quiz will identify your thinking talents which fall into one of four quadrants: 

Analytic - People with these talents tend to be concerned with data, facts and numbers. They are rational and logical. Analytic talents enjoy arranging ideas, evaluating, quantifying and identifying what is wrong or not working. 

Procedural - People with these talents focus on processes, logistics and tactics. They are concerned about the way things get done. They appreciate orderliness, handling details and planning and have a keen awareness of time. 

Relational - People with these talents emphasize feelings, morale and teamwork. They are "people" people. Their natural talents tend to get everyone involved, communicating and networking. 

Innovative - People with talents in this quadrant place importance on the future and newness. They see the big picture and like to strategize and take risks. They are quick to embrace new ideas and find structure limiting. 

You can download the app here and after you have taken the assessment you can use the app to compare your results with sisters or colleagues. This is a great app for executive councils and volunteer leader teams to develop rapport, acknowledge each other's talents and learn to collaborate better. 

What are your thinking talents and which quadrant can you find them in?