Best Apps for Leaders

Technology gives us the ability to make our lives a little easier. Leaders with busy schedules and to-do lists a mile long can now utilize phone and web applications that increase productivity and efficiency, not to mention make tasks a bit more fun. You may already be a familiar with a few of these, but hopefully this article encourages you to give them a try. Here are some of the best apps for today's leaders:

Evernote helps you keep together notes, documents, travel information and web pages in an easy to organize and search format. Evernote allows users to create lists, clip images and have it sync with all of your devices. Gamma Phi Beta Kristi Willis loves this application so much she became an Evernote Ambassador.

Ever needed to quickly find a post office or ATM? AroundMe is a great app for the leader who travels. Where ever you are, AroundMe can find everything from the nearest gas station to the closest coffee shop. 

Dragon Dictation
Dragon is a voice recognition app that allows for hands free text input. Simply speak and Dragon can send a tweet, text or email. 

This app is as close to having a personal assistant in your pocket as possible. EasilyDo connects to your email, calendars, and social media accounts in order to help automate daily tasks. It can automate text messages, track packages, schedule happy birthday posts and add contacts automatically to your phone.

Flipboard allows users to essentially create a digital custom magazine. Tell the app which types of news and stories you are interested in and Flipboard creates stunning digital pages based on your preferences. Your custom magazine can include an array of content from women's leadership to entertainment news.

Trello is the best thing to happen to project management. Planning an event or organizing a group project? Use Trello to assign tasks, due dates and make check lists. Trello keeps everything organized and out of the email wasteland. This app is every type C person's dream.