Have you ever been in a chapter meeting and thought, “Ugh, why couldn’t they have just sent this to me in an email?” Having worthwhile meetings are key to the success of any organization. Leaders need to be prepared with engaging information to ensure a greater amount of participation and satisfaction.

According to Forbes, efficient business meetings should incorporate prep work, action items, and a variety of learning styles to greatly improve the outcomes of meetings. These same concepts can be applied to Gamma Phi Beta chapter meetings. Prep work may include emailing out information members need to read through before attending the week’s meeting. Developing action items starts with creating an agenda and sets proper expectations for the members. Finally, incorporating different learning styles such as auditory, visual and tactile should help all members get the most out of the meeting. Here are five suggestions for leading a productive meeting:

  • Open with confidence.
    • Have a big smile on your face and start with a song, chant or an inspiring video.
  • Set expectations.
    • Give your chapter an agenda either before or at the beginning of the meeting so that they are prepared to be active participants.
  • Take action.
    • Chapter meetings should be used to make decisions and create action. Keep your meetings timely by sending out information in advance that your members need to help make decisions such as a new scholarship plan or changes to bylaws or merit point systems. A good rule of thumb is any information that requires a vote should be sent out in advance.
  • Make the meeting an experience.
    • Auditory: Ask members to turn to a partner and discuss a certain topic or action item. Just remember to place a time limit on conversations to keep your meeting moving.
    • Visual: Include handouts, PowerPoints or videos where necessary.
    • Tactile: Consider bringing a fidget toy to keep members hands busy. Pipe cleaners are a fun, inexpensive option.
  • Wrap it up!
    • Review key points and action items that need to be handled before the next meeting.

Based on the above suggestions you should be able to create a more interesting well attended meeting. Having timely and engaging is one way chapter leaders can show love and care for your sisters.  


Paulina Sudhalter (Chapman): Paulina joined Epsilon Nu Chapter at Chapman University in the fall of 2015. She served as the sisterhood chairwoman and assistant education vice president where she coordinated a variety of bonding events. One opportunity she cherishes is being able to attend the REAL Leadership Experience in Oklahoma. Paulina honed in on her leadership style and cultivated strong relationships with the sisters in attendance. At Chapman, Paulina spends her time teaching spin classes, going to the beach and cooking healthy recipes. Her favorite aspect of Gamma Phi Beta is the connections she makes with random people in the grocery store or at a restaurant who turn out to also be a part of the sisterhood.