5 Places to Find Leadership Online

Great leaders inspire and motivate, but where do leaders get their own inspiration? Leaders need inspiration, too. Inspiration can come from many places - a mission statement, leadership quote or reconnecting with followers in a meaningful way. We live in a technology driven world so use it to your advantage. Here are some of the best ways to find a little bit of leadership inspiration online. 

1. Read a blog or online article. You are already on the right path by visiting REAL Leadership Online. You can look back at our archived blog post by clicking here. Other suggestions from around the web are:

2. Dress your tech in inspiration. You can still post motivational quotes on bulletin boards and mirrors, but the best place to leave yourself a little inspiration is on your phone, tablet or computer. DesignLoveFest.com has hundreds of free phone and computer backgrounds that will give you the encouragement you need to be a strong leader today.

3. Watch a video. These days there are many places to watch videos online. YouTube, TED and Makers.com are great places to start. In the meantime check out the videos below for your daily dose of inspiration.

4. Search a hashtag on Twitter. There is almost no better place to find up to the minute news, stories and articles than Twitter. For the latest in leadership and inspiration search #leadership and #inspiration for hundreds of resources and links that will help remind you why being a leader is so important. 

5. Put your Pinterest obsession to good use. Pinterest is more than just pictures of puppies or ideas for redecorating your bedroom. Next time you are using Pinterest take a few minutes to check out these pinners who focus on leadership. 

Where do you get your leadership inspiration?