4 Reasons You Need a Mentor

Navigating leadership positions within Gamma Phi Beta, on campus or in a new job can often be difficult and frustrating. You can read all of the articles or watch a million TED Talks in order to develop your leadership skills, but nothing beats being able to ask someone knowledgeable for advice and guidance. A mentor might be a professor on campus, the former chapter president or an upper-level supervisor in your workplace. No matter whom you choose, here are four reasons you need a mentor: 

  1. It's free. Leadership development trainings, retreats and coaching often cost money. Developing a meaningful relationship with someone who has more experience than you doesn't cost a dime! 
  2. It is not always about what you know, but who you know. You have probably heard this statement before, and many times it is true. Mentors can introduce you to their network of contacts. An upper classman in the sorority can introduce you to the best contacts in the Greek life office and your business mentor may be able to set up a lunch with a potential future employer. 
  3. They are inspiring. Your mentor should be someone you look up to, someone you admire. Mentors are a great source of inspiration and encouragement. When you are struggling or at a crossroads a mentor can help provide the motivation you need to keep moving forward. 
  4. You need a sounding board. This is perhaps the most important reason to find a mentor. Mentors provide a listening ear and an outside opinion. Remember that they have already been there, done that and when you have a problem or issue they can provide advice and clarity. 

Convinced a mentor is right for you? Come back next week for part two in our mentor series to learn how to get the most from your mentor relationship.