Ever been stuck in a rut? It can happen to anyone. One moment there isn’t a thing you can’t accomplish and the next you feel like you have lost your leadership juju. Maybe you’re deflated after a chapter conflict or your goals for the year seem overwhelming. No matter why you’ve lost your motivation here are 18 ways to get you over the hump!

  1. Attend a conference or seminar.
  2. Watch a TED Talk.
  3. Meet with your mentor.
  4. Take a personality assessment.
  5. Read a leadership book.
  6. Plan a retreat.
  7. Do something physical.
  8. Practice gratitude and write a thank you or two.
  9. Volunteer.
  10. Reevaluate your goals.
  11. Change up your workspace.
  12. Create a vision board.
  13. Start journaling.
  14. Collaborate.
  15. Search for leadership ideas on Pinterest.
  16. Hang out with your girl squad.
  17. Practice self-care.
  18. Listen to music