Legacy Policy

Gamma Phi Beta recognizes that legacies are important to our Sorority as they bring a long tradition of pride and support to our membership. 

Although legacies are given special consideration by our chapters, they are not guaranteed an invitation to membership. Gamma Phi Beta membership selection is appropriately the responsibility of our chapters. Because it is impossible for every chapter to pledge and initiate every legacy referred to them, chapters are expected and trusted to follow Gamma Phi Beta’s legacy policy, which states:

A sister, daughter, granddaughter or great-granddaughter of a Gamma Phi Beta shall be given special consideration for membership by the chapter on the campus where she is enrolled. For the purpose of definition, stepdaughters, stepsisters, step-granddaughters and step-great-granddaughters may be considered legacies, if desired by the Gamma Phi Beta relative.

Special consideration means that a legacy will be invited to at least the first invitational round of events. If a legacy is invited to the Preference round of recruitment, she will be extended an invitation to pledge Gamma Phi Beta, thus her name will be placed alphabetically on the chapter’s first bid list.

In those unfortunate circumstances where a legacy is not invited to the next round of events, to protect her privacy, notification of friends and relatives is left to the legacy.

In a perfect world, every legacy would find a home with Gamma Phi Beta. The best way to avoid disappointment is to discuss the benefit of the Greek community as a whole with legacies. All National Panhellenic Conference sororities have similar goals and ideals. Emphasizing Gamma Phi Beta as the sole choice for your legacy may be unfair to her.

Most importantly, we hope recruitment is a positive experience for your legacy as well as every potential new member.