Sponsor a Sister

Gift Alumnae Dues of Join Life Loyal

Are you seeking the perfect gift for a graduating senior? Consider sponsoring a sister in the upcoming graduating class with her first-ever international alumnae dues payment ($25*) or with a Life Loyal membership ($299+**).

As our seniors graduate, they become alumnae in Gamma Phi Beta. With that comes responsibilities – to remain actively involved, recommend women for membership and always meet financial obligations. Gifting their first international alumnae dues payment or covering their dues for life is the perfect way to help our graduates transition to this new stage of membership.

*An international alumnae dues sponsorship covers the graduating senior from August 1, 2024 to July 31, 2025, as they have already paid their collegiate dues this fiscal year.

** Sponsoring a senior at the Life Loyal level means they never have to pay alumnae dues again!

Thank you for choosing to gift a graduating senior their international alumnae dues ($25) or a Life Loyal membership ($299). An international alumnae dues sponsorship will fulfill a member’s obligation for their first year as an alumna, which is our next fiscal year.

The upcoming graduating class includes all members expecting to graduate in spring or fall.  

  • I want to pay my own international alumnae dues or Life Loyal dues. Can I do that while sponsoring a senior?
    Yes! And thank you for paying your dues! At checkout, you can decide if you want to Sponsor a Senior, too.

  • I want to Sponsor a Senior, even though I do not know one personally. Can I?
    Yes! Use the form on this page. The form will prompt you to select a collegiate chapter or for us to choose a chapter and recipient.

Note: International alumnae dues and Life Loyal payments are not tax deductible.