Our facilities are the heart of many of our chapters, providing a home for more than 3,400 of our collegiate members every year.

The FMC owns properties across the country and has a growing number of chapters enrolled in the FMC Services Program. All new Gamma Phi Beta chapters installed after August 1, 2013, are automatically managed by the FMC, giving our new chapters access to top-notch facilities and resources. 

Facility Types

Our Gamma Phi Beta sisters call many types of facilities home. 

Stand-Alone Property

These properties are facilities that are not connected to other facilities via a shared wall or space. These are typically large facilities where members reside during the academic year. Houses are fully furnished, including bedrooms. Typically, these facilities also have regular meal service when classes are in session and residents have access to a student kitchen for use when meal service is not taking place.

On some campuses, fraternity and sorority houses are near each other, sometimes creating a Greek Row. On other campuses, houses can be spaced out from each other around campus. These facilities are either owned by Gamma Phi Beta, a local house corporation or they are leased from a university or a private landlord.

Semi-Attached Property

These are facilities with residents that share a wall with another facility on one or two sides. Each facility has its own entrance and there is not a passageway inside to other facilities. Often, chapters are allowed to renovate and update these facilities with university permission. These facilities are also fully furnished, including the bedrooms. There is not typically meal service at these facilities, but residents have access to a student kitchen area in most cases. These facilities are typically university-owned, and their exteriors are generally similar in look.  

University Residence Hall

These are typically university-owned residence halls that have been dedicated to Greek organizations. Multiple organizations can occupy the same building with each group having a dedicated floor or wing. Chapters can furnish the common areas with furniture of their choosing and bedroom furniture is generally provided by the university. In many of these cases, residents pay room and board fees directly to the university. Chapters are generally allowed to renovate and update these facilities with university permission. 

Crescent Clubhouse

These are facilities that can be owned by Gamma Phi Beta, university-owned or owned and leased from a private landlord. These facilities are sometimes called a lodge and don’t have residents that sleep there, rather they are used by the chapter for meetings, sisterhood, events, studying and general gathering. The facilities generally have more than one room and many times have kitchens and outdoor areas.  

Dedicated Meeting Space

These are spaces within a facility that have been dedicated to an organization for its sole use. Chapters can decorate rooms with furnishings that match Gamma Phi Beta’s branding. Depending on the size of the room, chapter meetings and events are held in the space. In many cases, rooms are available for use by members for studying, meeting with other members and general gathering. These spaces are typically in a location on campus designed for Greek organizations, but some rooms are located off campus and are rented from private landlords.