Convention Transportation

If you have booked travel to Palm Springs or the surrounding area, please contact the airline or travel agent that you booked through. You are responsible for obtaining any refunds related to travel. Gamma Phi Beta is not responsible for any travel refunds or cancellations.

If you are a volunteer and booked through our Concur portal, please follow these steps to cancel your flight: 

1. Login to Concur.
2. Click on your Palm Springs trip in your dashboard.
3. In your Palm Springs trip overview, go to the bottom of the menu and click Cancel Entire Trip. 

4. A pop-up will appear with a warning that you are about to cancel your trip. Click OK.

5. You will be directed to another screen confirming that you would like a travel agent to cancel your trip. Click: Send this trip to a travel agent to cancel.

6. Your screen will alert you that your trip has been sent to your travel agency for assistance and that your trip has been cancelled. No further action is required of you.

Please contact Conference and Meeting Manager Sara Chojnacki with any questions.