Collegiate Delegate FAQs

Did you know two collegiate members serve on the Nominating Committee (NC) each biennium? The NC helps determine Gamma Phi Beta’s leadership at the elected level, and these two spots are instrumental in slating International Council and NC members for the 2022-24 term. Collegiate delegates serve for two years, so applicants must be a collegian through spring 2024. 

Q&A with current collegiate delegates on the NC

Why did you apply to be a collegiate delegate for Nominating Committee?
After reviewing the Gamma Phi Beta website during COVID, I was looking for a different opportunity. And seeing that I could help select the next International Council and Nominating Committee, it seemed like a great opportunity. And during COVID, I had moved out of the chapter house, I was missing connections to Gamma Phi Beta sisters. Realizing that I wouldn’t be a collegian forever, this was an alumna experience I could have while I was still a collegian.

What have you learned or gained from this experience?
I have learned some very valuable skills that can help me in the next stage of my life. Time management, communication skills and how to work with different personalities and communication styles. Working on the Nominating Committee, I was able to better my communication skills and learn about board level governance which will help me in my future career.

What has been your favorite part of serving on the Nominating Committee?
Through outreach calls, committee meetings and other communication, I was able to work with so many amazing alumnae and build relationships with sisters that I might not have otherwise met. And it’s wonderful to have a connection with a sister that possibly had a collegiate experience 30 years before me but seeing that we are working towards the same goals and have the same values.

Why should you apply to be a collegiate delegate?
This experience is like no other that is available on my campus. I'm able to work at the international level as a collegian and collaborate with alumnae. You get board level experience which is not easy to come by as a collegian. It will solidify your lifelong commitment to Gamma Phi Beta.

Can I serve in an officer position in my chapter and as a collegiate delegate?
Yes, of course, you can serve as an officer of your chapter and be on the Nominating Committee, in fact, one of our collegiate delegates is currently the chapter president. It will help you work on time management skills. And you will gain skills working on the committee that will serve you in your officer position.

Apply Now for the Collegiate Delegate Position

For more information about this position, click here to view the job description. Please note that this is an international volunteer position that requires a significant amount of time and work. If you have any questions about the position, please contact Nominating Committee Chair Tanya Jordan.

The collegiate application opens December 17 – click here to view application. And the deadline to apply is February 25, 2022.

Collegiate members applying for the Nominating Committee should solicit no more than three (3) people to complete Comment Forms on their behalf. Click here to access the comment form. Commenters do not have to be members of Gamma Phi Beta.