REAL Leadership Retreat FAQs

Am I required to attend RLR?
Professional staff is required to attend RLR. All other invited attendees are not required to attend, but attendance is highly encouraged.

How do I know I’ve completed my registration for RLR?
You will receive a confirmation code once you have submitted all registration information. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folders. If you did not receive a confirmation code, please contact Director of Conferences and Meetings Page Adams.

How much does RLR attendance cost?
RLR is a complimentary event for our workforce.

Our collegiate chapter advisor cannot attend. Can we send another advisor?
If the chapter advisor is unable to attend and you would like another advisor to be considered as a replacement, please contact your collegiate chapter supervisor or your new chapter team leader for approval. A substituted advisor should be someone who will return to the chapter and proactively share their experience and make good use of this educational opportunity.

What is NOT included in the event registration?

  • Laptop, table or smartphone to access event content
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lunch

What should I wear?
Attire for the day is Gamma Phi Beta casual. Please plan on wearing comfortable athleisure, jeans or shorts and a fun Gamma Phi Beta t-shirt or sweatshirt. If you don’t own any Gamma Phi Beta gear, dressing in our colors is encouraged! Prizes will be awarded for the best Gamma Phi Beta spirit (as demonstrated with on-camera attire).

What should I have to participate in this virtual event?

  • A stable Wi-Fi connection and a private place where you can focus.
  • A reliable device from which you can access the event. It is preferred that you participate in the event using a laptop computer or a tablet.
  • Beverages and snacks to keep you focused.
  • An open mind and a lot of questions!

When will I receive my virtual access information for RLR?
All registered attendees will receive an email on Friday, June 25 with detailed instructions on how to access the RLR online portal.

Can I watch this with a group of sisters and/or friends or do we need to attend individually?
All participants are expected to register as individual attendees and to participate in RLR from their own unique device. Doing so enables attendees to participate fully in all elements of RLR, including individual breakout sessions. However, if you would like to get together with sisters for a watch party on your individual devices, be our guest.

Will this event be live or pre-recorded?
It will have a mix of both. Please refer to the schedule and it will note which parts are live and which components were previously recorded.

Why do you record parts of the event and offer other parts live?
We are so lucky to have the technology that allows us to offer virtual events. However, technology can still be an unreliable thing. We have all been on Zoom calls were the Wi-Fi connection freezes or microphones cut out during an event with hundreds of attendees. This is the last thing we want to happen at RLR.

Some of our speakers are able to present in spaces where the Wi-Fi connection is more stable than an at-home Wi-Fi connection. When this is the case, we are comfortable having them present live. When we need to rely on at-home Wi-Fi from a single presenter, we feel more comfortable in offering those components pre-recorded.

In other situations, people are presenting from various locations as a team. In this case, we are less concerned with an individual’s Wi-Fi connection since others are present that can pick up the slack.

Will we be able to ask questions during the event? If so, how?
There will be two ways to ask questions during RLR.

  • Use the Q&A box to ask pertinent questions. We will do our best to respond and answer your questions throughout the event. Some questions may be answered live, others may be responded to within the chat and some we may be unable to address due to time limitations.
  • Use the provided Zoom room to ask your question directly to the presenter. You will be prompted when this is appropriate. If you plan to utilize this option, please be camera ready. The Zoom information will be provided prior to the event.

I would like to attend the event, but I have a conflict. How can I still participate?
The REAL Leadership Retreat will be recorded and available to all registered attendees for 30 days post-event. Only registered attendees will be provided the unique password, so be sure and register to receive your access information. The last day to watch RLR will be Monday, July 26.

None of my questions are addressed here, who do I contact?
Please contact Director of Conferences and Meetings Page Adams with any additional questions.