Traveling Exhibit

This is your chance to see our historical artifacts up close and in person! We will select the most treasured and meaningful items from our Sorority archives to travel the continent during 2024. With stops at Convention in Chicago and select regional receptions, this is a can-not-miss opportunity! 


The Ritual and History Committee is seeking the following items for inclusion in the historical items collection at International Headquarters (IH). These additional items will help to tell the varied stories of Gamma Phi Beta. Items donated will become part of the permanent collection at IH and will not be returned to the owner.

Some of these items may be included in the Traveling Exhibit. 

  • Items representing the collegiate leadership consultant (CLC) program, such as photos, gifts from chapters, and souvenirs from travels.
  • Educational program fliers from the 1980s and 1990s
  • Items representing the special initiate/alumnae initiate program
  • Items representing Girl Guides of Canada
  • Items representing Gamma Phi Betas’ involvement in the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.
  • Items representing Gamma Phi Betas’ involvement in the 1906 earthquake.
  • Items representing Gamma Phi Betas’ involvement in the Spanish flu.
  • Pink or brown “Building Resiliency in Girls" stress balls 

If you have one or more of these items, please let us know! Complete this form by June 1, 2023, and include a photo of your item. We will then be in touch! 

Submit Items for Donation


Convention 2024 will feature a special exhibit celebrating the Convention experience. The following items are needed to complement the items already in the IH collection.

These items may be donated to IH (should the member wish), or they may be loaned for exhibition at Convention 2024.

Convention Bags 
  • 1980/Denver
  • 2004/Chicago
  • 2018/Dallas 
Banquet Favors/Other Souvenirs
  • 1978/Nashville
  • 1980/Denver
  • 1986/Dallas
  • 1990/Denver
  • 1996/Kansas City
  • 2000/Houston
  • 2004/Chicago
  • 2008/Cincinnati
  • 2010/Orlando
  • 2014/Seattle
  • 2018/Dallas
  • 2022/St. Louis 
Commemorative Pins
  • 1998/Newport Beach
  • 2000/Houston
  • 2002/Washington, D.C.
Confirmed Conventioneers
  • Close-up pictures of sisters wearing Confirmed Conventioneer hats, all years and ages of members needed. Specifically desiring older pictures, like the 1970s-90s
  • Distinctive and/or flamboyant hats with elaborate decoration
Other Items

  • Seeking any other items of interest earlier than the1970s (programs, pictures, souvenirs, etc.) 

Submit Items for Donation