Strategic Plan

The Gamma Phi Beta strategic plan is our vision for the future. Our plan is our path forward, outlining the goals and objectives we will collectively work together to achieve over the next five years and beyond. 

The following outlines the goals and objectives that Gamma Phi Beta's workforce of staff and volunteers are working to achieve in the 2018-19 fiscal year. Check back quarterly for updates on our progress in each area of our strategic plan. 

Goal: Build a Member Experience that Reflects the Best Gamma Phi Beta

Objectives under this goal are: 

  • Deliver a consistent member experience through the continuum of our member competency framework.
  • Provide an engaging member experience for our alumnae.
  • Create a culture of local volunteer empowerment.


Goal: Expand the Influence of Building Strong Girls

Objectives under this goal are: 

  • Be recognized as a philanthropic leader among NPC organizations.
  • Build member affinity to Building Strong Girls.


Goal: Develop and Execute a Strategic Governance Culture and Resources

Objectives under this goal are:

  • Establish the necessary workforce structure to actualize the governance model.
  • Develop training and resources that empower workforce operations.


Goal: Ensure the Sustainability and Growth of the Sorority

Objectives under this goal are:

  • Build and maintain revenue streams that are dependable, predictable, sustainable and controllable.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate technological solutions to meet/anticipate Sorority needs.
  • Grow Gamma Phi Beta membership numbers, recruitment strength and image. 
  • Strategically grow the organization. 
  • Provide physical infrastructure to support collaborative workforce and operations.
  • Develop and implement a risk-assessment culture.
  • Strategically position Gamma Phi Beta as a leader in the interfraternal community.